Was XL

Laundry XL is a street theatre performance by 6 women and a large pile of sheets. Six laundry ladies roam the city and transform it into a world of white laundry. Laundry is the main ingredient for a fleeting drama that passes by. With their tight household the emotions of these fanatical laundry women sometimes go a bit overboard. The performance balances in the realm of dance, theatre and visual art. When you enlarge something ordinary like laundry to extreme proportions, it suddenly becomes interesting and starts to live a life of its own. The spectator is in the middle of this magnified situation: The laundry women make the everyday world disappear, and literally pull the audience into their white world of laundry. 

Laundry XL opens the senses of the audience: you have to see, sense and experience it.


Multiples is a visual theater performance.
A group of identical office men make their way through the city on their (lunch) break.
The men lead the audience on a journey through streets, parks and squares.
Multiples zooms in at the absurdities of their existence. 
But the spectator is the only one laughing.
For the men there’s nothing to laugh about. They are lost, fragile and lonely.
Multiples gives a voice to this little man.
She adds a critical note to everyday mediocrity.
A form of street-art that speaks to our imagination and is subject of conversation.